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Passito Veronese

Sweet white   Wine I.G.T.(I.G.T. =Typical Geografical Indication)
Garganega, Moscato
Production process:
The grapes are   left to dry or better described as withering in small crates for about 2 months where they loose about 30% of the water content , thus concentrating the juice. The grapes are softly pressed after the “appassimento” and the juice is separated from the skins and left for 8 hours   to decant in stainless steel temperature controlled vats at 5° C . The   fermentation is carried out 15 to 18° C° until the alcol content reaches 13% alcohol after which the fermentation is blocked by lowering the temperature at around 0°C. The   wine at this point is still sweet and contains still 120 grams per liter of sugar . The wine is then stored a few months in stainless steel before being bottled.
Dati analitici:
Total Alcool content 13,00%; Total Acidity   in tartaric acid : 5.8 grams per liter
A wine preferably to be drunk very young and within the 2 years.
Colour : pale straw yellow with gold brim
Nose : fruity of apple and pear
Taste :sweet, with a long finish
Serve to be served preferably at 10 to 12°c
Food Matching :Pastry,buscuits , tarts and goes well with bitter black chocolate. Excellent with herb spiced or strong tasting   cheese, sweet or sour fruit sauces.

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