Grappa di Amarone – “Selesion del sio”

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Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso
“Selesion del sio”

It is a grappa made from the distillation of the skins of the grapes varieties Corvinone,Corvina Veronese , Rondinella that have first been dried and then fermented to make the wine Amarone.  GrappaSelesionDelSio
The distillation is completed after the skins have been softly pressed and go through a second fermentation giving a result of an alcohol content of 48%
The distillation is usually carried out in the month of April after which the grappa is then put to aged in small oak toasted   barrels ; the so called 225 liter barrique, where is stays for around   2 years.   Before being bottled the grappa is cooled down to 10°c and filtered and then distilled water is added to bring the alcohol content down to 42% vol.
Color: gold amber
Taste Alcoholic but soft and round with a slight sweet finishUsed preferably at the end of the meals as you would use a brandy or cognac.


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